One button on, one button off

Have a 202U v6. I’m not trying to do anything complicated, just connecting circuits.

Dip switches are set to correspond with the latching setting (0100). I have my circuit connected to the Relay 1 N/O terminal and COM.
I would like to set one button to close the relay and a second button to open the relay.
Is this logic possible in V6?

ok, so I figured it out…
I had placed the box in “hold” mode (1000) and then programed button A to relay 1. This operates relay 1 on 1 button (click once for open, click once for close).

I put the box back in interlock/latching mode and programmed button B to relay 2.
This seemed to work without actually operating relay 2.
This is all I really need in my usage case as I only need 1 relay to do what I need to do.

Yes your method will work fine.

If you don’t use relay 2, a better way is to program button B to relays 1+2 (so, button B turn off both relays in interlock latching mode).

I think that’s essentially what I did. I had to figure out the correct sequence to follow to program the buttons correctly, but it appears all is working as expected.
Dip switches are currently set to 0100, button A closes relay1 and button B opens both relays…of course, since relay 2 is not in use and never closing, I don’t know if it’s actually opening it, but everything works for how I need it to in this application.

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