Not getting any power

There is no signal coming out of ports 1 or 2. I’m using a multimeter to test the NC NO and COM ports but I’m getting nothing. I have power, I can hear the relays when I push the remote buttons but I’m getting no power sent out from the terminals. My dip switch setting are 1-on and 2-off

Hello Christian,

Yes that’s because our relays are dry contact (contact doesn’t output power, it just connect and cut circuit).

So it will need additional wiring to introduce existing power supply to the terminal.

We have an example here, for a simple LED application that use shared power supply, you can refer to topic here Need simple instuctions to use 202U to turn light on/off

Please write in this topic if you have any further questions, thanks.

I actually just thought of thag a few mins before your reply. Thank you.

No problem, my pleasure to help.