Normally ON

Hello Please send me the diagram showing how to make it normally ON then when the button is pushed it goes off then after a certain amount of time back on. I am trying to control access to a magnetic lock. So I need the lock in the powered or on position to keep it locked then I want to use your remote control to monetarily remove power so the door can be opened. (202U) The lock is 12 volts so I want to power both units with one power supply

thank you

PS I have your unit working perfectly however it is in the normally OFF mode so when I press the button I get 12 volts momentarily. I need it two work in the opposite way, normally showing 12 volts then momentarily OFF

Hello Joel,

It should be easy, there is two wires coming to relay, now I believe it is wired to NO & COM position, just take the NO wire, and wire it to NC instead, it should work.

NO means normally open, while NC means normally closed.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.