No response from remotes to receiver

I purchased Solidremote kit # X0016ON1R9. I’m looking for a momentary relay closure and followed the directions exactly. I programmed the unit three times following instructions to clear previous programming between my efforts. LEDs respond per instruction sheet but neither of my two remotes have any effect on the receiver. The LEDs on the remotes due light. Please advise. Thank you. Don Warren

Hello Don,

Here is a simple step for problem identification.

  1. Power up receiver, the PWR led should be turned on.

  2. Press & HOLD either learn button on receiver, then press button on remote Once then release (the SIG should flashes).

If SIG doesn’t flash, then the unit might be defective, please just return it for full refund. No problem.

If SIG flashes, the issue is, only press remote control button once (not long time) in step 2, or receiver will erase the just learned code.

Please let me know how it turns out, thank you.


Hello Don, just a quick follow-up, is the problem solved? or do you need other help?

Please let me know, thank you.

Hello, I will mark this topic as resolved due to no response, if you have any more questions, please post in the topic to reopen it, thank you.