No brand roll up garage door opener

Hello, new here. Just bought the 202U v6 after failing to find a remote that will work with my old garage door opener. I have an unbranded roll up door with an external control box. I believe this will work, just need some help figuring out how to wire it up. The control box has three switches. Up, down, stop.

I do have an external 12v that I will power the 202U with.

So with this set up can I just run a wire from

N/C to down

N/O to up


Thanks for the help

I figured it out. I just ran a jumper from the common inside the remote box. And ran a wire to open and the other to close on my garage door control box. I just have to use A to open and B to close. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but this works for now.

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