NICE FLOR-S Compatible Remote

Hi, I saw your youtube video programming a Nice Flor-S Compatible remote to a Nice standalone receiver. I do not have access to the Nice standalone receiver. Does this compatible remote have self learning function so that I can duplicate it with my Original Nice remote? Do you have a youtube video on the procedure? Thank you.

Our compatible N2 model doesn’t have cloning function, it has to be programmed to receiver, just same as original, as rolling code doesn’t allow any kind of duplicating without disable existing remote.

However, the Nice Flor-S receiver does have remote learning feature, which allows you to program new remote without opening receiver box, by using one remote that is already programmed in.

To see more details about remote learning feature, you can check the page 5 of the manual entering a code number remotely section.

  • Please note, Nice receiver can have this feature disabled by operator, in which case, you will need to open receiver box to program.

Remote seems to be functioning, but shutters not responding to it. I may need to reprogram the remote, but I cannot locate a receiver. This is a friends house not my own. I have searched the house and can not locate the receiver. Does it not have one and is possibly built into the shutter somewhere?