Need to program relay 1 and relay 2 for different functions.

Please help,

I programmed the receiver unit to open and close a garage door with relay 1 and it worked great. Then I programmed relay 2 to turn a light on for 11 minutes and it worked great. Then when I tried the garage door again, it went into a constant cycle mode. It would go down for about 2 seconds and then reverse for about 2 seconds and then reverse again. It kept cycling like that until I killed the power to the receiver unit.

How can I make both functions work properly without effecting one another? I’m apparently missing a step.

Thanks for your help,


There is some limitation for our current timer implementation, that is when in timer mode, all relays must be in timer mode…

So when you set relay 2 in timer mode, relay 1 goes to timer mode too.

This is to provide more timer value combinations based on current hardware design.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems there is no other way, unless you use two receivers…

Please let me know if you have other questions, thanks.