Need to attenuate signal sensitivity

I’m using a Solidremote on my Truck (F-150) to switch auxiliary backup lighting between manually on (anytime) and switched only with truck in reverse. With a tagged connection to the OEM backup lights connected to a 12V power relay, I can use the switch to toggle between having the circuit close manually, or automatically when there is power to the OEM lights. The problem I’m having is that the lights are tending to turn on manually when I haven’t pressed the remote button. I’m assuming that it is because it is picking up a trigger signal from elsewhere (garage door opener, or some other same freq signal) so I would like to reduce the sensitivity of the Solidremote relay to ensure that only the included remote’s signal will be sensed. The switch is approximately 11’ away from the Solidremote unit. Is there a way to partially shield the antenna, trim it, or other method to reduce it’s sensitivity?

While cut antenna shorter does reduce signal sensitivity, I think that’s not the way to solve the problem.
Would you please first clear all codes on receiver, then try program only one or two remote button (or try use anther remote), to see if that solves the problem?
Because our receiver use rolling code security system, the chances of other trigger signal is very small.

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