Need help with configuration for 24VAC sprinkler system

I want to use the 202U V6 as a remote manual control timer for my sprinkler system. I first verified my programming using a 9-volt battery for power (with no load on the relays). I noted that the receiver and relay indicators came on for 45 minutes and then the relay turned off as was my plan. I then connected the device using power from my sprinkler system’s 24VAC transformer and intended the relay to control the 24VAC circuit for the water valve and pump relay. When I pressed the button on the remote, my system came on briefly (about a second or two and then turned off. The system would not respond at all following subsequent button presses. The advertising material says the relay should be able to handle 24VAC. I tested the circuit by substituting a simple switch for the receiver/relay and water flowed fine. What am I missing? By the way, I also tried it using relay #2, with the same result—it worked briefly once, then not at all. Seems like the relays both failed. Do you have any other ideas?

To identify the problem, there are two parts to consider.

  1. The power supply.

I think it’s better you can use a dedicated power supply (such as those commonly seen 12Vdc ones) for our receiver, to see if power supply is the problem.

Because labeled 24VAC power supply’s voltage goes up & down (and sometimes a lot), when it goes too high, our receiver can’t handle it,
Also our receiver might have very short range, or doesn’t work as intended, if the power supply itself has lots of noise.

  1. For the relay control part.

Please check relay’s datasheet below

I’m not sure if your 24VAC value and pump circuit is directly connected to motors etc, it should be considered inductive load if so,
and our relay is strictly 6A @14Vdc for inductive load, see datasheet.

Thanks. Using a lower voltage power supply solved the problem. 5 stars on support, as well as the wireless receiver kit.

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