My 202U receiver that I just got start to smoke after being plugged in to 24dc.

My 202U receiver that I just got starts to smoke after about 10 seconds of being plugged in to 24dc(23.8V dc). what should I do?

Hello Nick,

Sorry for the inconvenience, would you please so kindly to share a photo showing the burnt board? so our engineer can check it out? thank you.

It would be better if you can take 3 large, clear photos, showing top side, bottom side, as well as close-up showing component that smoke.

You can use image upload website, such as or and then post the image link here.

Hello Nick,

Are you still there? please post the photos as soon as possible, so our engineer & customer service can help, thanks.

Btw, our engineer hooked up 5 receivers at 30vdc, and it seems they’re running fine here, standby current is ~7mA, while one relay on is ~30mA

Hello Nick,

I will close the thread in coming 2-3 days due to no further response, however you can reply to this thread anytime to re-open it, our support staff is more than happy to help, thanks.