Motor reversing setup with limit switches

I have a 24 volt, 5 amp 1/4 horse power motor turning a screw shaft moving a carriage with limit switches on each end of travel. I also have a 24 volt power supply to run the motor as well as the 202U.
I want to control it like this:
First remote momentary press on the remote starts motor cw until it hits a limit switch at far end and then stops. Next momentary press starts motor in opposite (ccw) direction and runs until the limit switch at the near end is actuated and stops the motor. What happens when remote is actuated during motor travel?
Can this unit do this without additional components such as relays to accomplish this task? Do my limit switches have to handle the motor current or do I need additional relays to handle motor power?
Can you provide your recommended schematic to do this?
Jack Ensor

Hello Jack,

Our relay rating for inductive load is at 6A @14Vdc, so I’m afraid you will need to use additional relays to handle this.

Also do you mean use ‘single button’ to control both cw & ccw ?


What I have here is a door opener system for entry into a house that can be used by a wheelchair or scooter patient. The remote control needs to behave just as the remote on a garage door opener. That means all is needed is a one button remote that will send a command to start the system, so yes single button for cw or ccw. The system has 2 states just like a garage door opener system has - closed or open.

Now I am trying to come up with simple control system to drive the motor.

The motor is DC powered motor whose rotation is determined by input power polarity. I believe that many of the functions of my circuit are repetitive of whats in the 202U and therefore may be eliminated thereby simplifying the circuit and thereby making it cheaper to reproduce. I can provide a .pdf copy of my tentative schematic of the control system but need to know how to make it available to the discussion here. I have a dropbox account, but need an email address to allow access to it. Can you accommodate this? Otherwise do you have a suggestion on how I may share this schematic to the discussion.

I have the mechanical design all worked out and a patent is pending. If we can get the electronics worked out there is a strong possibility of needing many more 202U’s, because of the demand for this type of door opener system.

Understood, so you would like single button to control motor cw/ccw just like those controller on garage doors.

But I’m afraid our 202U by default can’t do this, you have to use 2 buttons and external relays.

I think there are basically two ways to move forward.

  1. Try to find if other products on market are ready with this function. (e.g. one button control & bigger relays).

  2. You can check if other aspects (such as range) is good on 202U, then we move forward with a customized receiver.

    But development fee is required, and there is minimum order qty for following orders.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.