Motor reversal

Diagram to reverse DC motor using remote

Hello Rick,

  1. Power up our receiver, and check if it is working properly.

Better use a seperate 12v dc power supply so motor interference will be less.

Set our relays to latching mode according to manual.

Program button A to relay 1, program button B to relay 2, and program button C to special function (enter programming by press simultaneously both learn buttons on receiver, then program remote control button C).

So now when press A, relay 1 on, relay 2 off.

when press B, relay 2 on, relay 1 off.

press C, both relays off.

If above is working, then we can move to following step, connecting motor wires.

  1. Connecting motor wires to relay

Thanks to Quasar Electronics UK, we got the simple connecting diagram as follows.

Connect motors to relays terminal according to above diagram.

And make sure the motors doesn’t exceed 10A current ratings.

Please let me know if you have other questions, thank you.

Hello Rick,

I’m not sure if the diagram works, or do you need other help? please let me know, thanks.

Hello Rick,

I will mark this topic as resolved due to no further response, please post in this thread to reopen it should you have any more questions.

Thank you.