Momentary operation

I have purchased a boat that uses a 202U to control a reversing solenoid for an anchor windlass. Button A up, B down. It works fine except that it runs when the button is pressed, but continues for a half second or more when released. That can be 2-3 feet! When raising the anchor, it is dangerous to the windlass if the motor runs after it hits the stop. I have read the dip switch programming, but not sure what term I am looking for. Can both buttons relays be set to close when the button is held, open instantly when released?

The delay for around 0.5 seconds is by design,
This is because wireless signal is subject to lots of interference, so we maintain the state for 0.5 seconds longer, to counter that interference.
One possible solution is to use limit switch to stop the motor,
Or you can check other wireless system (or even wired remote) to see if they work for your application.

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