Model 202U v5 lost programing...won't reprogram

I use a 202U v5 to switch an old garage door opener. It’s worked quite well for at least 2 years. It has suddenly stopped working. Here has been my troubleshooting.

New xmitter/fob battery…no change

Cleared the codes.
Pwr off…hold PRG1 & PRG2…Pwr on…SIG LED iluminates after 5 sec.

Attempted to store xmitter code.
Pwr on
Press & hold PRG1
Press desired xmitter button (xmitter/fob light flashes)
SIG LED does not flash.

Also tried to store code on PRG2, to no avail.

Any ideas?

After changed keyfob battery, the fob light should turn on solid (when pressed & hold remote buttons).

Please check again if the fob light turn on solid, or flashes?

Just checked again. The xmitter fob light flashes. Maybe the new battery is faulty?

It’s likely the remote switched working mode itself when battery is low.

You can try use the other remote to see if the receiver itself is good (keyfob must show solid light, after changed battery).

Thank you! My other fob is a couple of ours away in a car that’s in storage. I’ll give it a shot in about 2 weeks, when I retrieve the car.

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