Mod 202U v4 Learn other remote controls

I bought on amazon a kit 202U with 2 remotes (including CR2032 batteries) and the work fantastic.

Background: I am an electronic engineer and bought Sonoff RF switches as well as some 433 MHz remotes and I am willing to get a Sonoff RF learning hub to interface all to a Home Assistant (HA) architecture.

The question is if these attached remotes are able to interface or if the switch is able to Learn on other’s remote codes, the RF Hub specs. says it can read/learn PT 2260 2262 2264 and ev1527 protocols, but I have no clue what protocol the RF controls packed on the kit are. ¿can you tell me?

I’m afraid our receiver uses rolling code that your RF hub doesn’t support.

For this kind of application, you might need to use other fixed code or learning code receivers.


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