Minimum power supply voltage???

Can you please confirm the minimum power supply voltage still resulting in stable operation?

I’ve seen 12, 9.5, and 9 listed in various places.

Exsmple can i run this off a 9 Volt battery?..or 9 Volt power supply?

Hello VM,

Sorry for the confusion, we did listed 12V & 9V in production description and manual.

Technically, we can handle voltage as low as 9V.

So the answer is yes, 9V works (however, I wouldn’t recommend using batteries, since our receiver’s standby current will drain your battery, you can use a calculator to check the battery life).

And please also make sure your power supply’s output current can handle our 202U relay operation, or it may show weird behaviour.

Let me know if you have other questions.


The comment about 9V battery was mostly for trivia. I didn’t check it nor plan to operate that way, but it would make a great backup or emergency source.

I did take an old Sony 9V power supply for some kind of CD player or similar and cut the 9V plug off. I stripped back the wires and landed them on the terminal strip.

So far, so good. The relay’s operate nicely and I even left one relay in hold mode and it has been on for days now…in a fairly warm environment.

One thing to note, I checked the voltage output of my 9V power supply and it is a little over 10V I guess due to my line voltage. So not a great example of operating at lower voltages. But clearly this is working nicely and my power supply was FREEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Thanks for sharing with us, I’m glad it works.

Our receiver accepts a wide range of power input voltage, so 10V will work absolutely fine.