Minimum operating current 202U

What’s the minimum current required to operate the 202U? I have it powered by a 300Ah 12V battery and am noticing that it’s drawing 2.5A of current when it’s at standby. This seems high! I’m planning to add some resistors to reduce the standby current draw.

The standby current is typically ~10mA @12Vdc.
The 2.5A current is way too high.

Any idea why it is so high and what I can do to reduce the current draw?

My circuit looks something like that. I can confirm that the current draw with the 202U connected (and both relay switches turned off such that my weeboost and heating pad are not receiving power) is 2.5A higher than if the 202U is disconnected from power

I’m not sure, can you please disconnect all other circuit, just wire 202u with battery or power adapter, and check current draw again?

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