Minimum mA Requirement That 1 2 Volt Transformer Needs To Output To Run The Unit


Do you know what the minimum amperage requirement is for the 202U during use and standby mode?

Also, what is the maximum amperage transformer that should be used?

I know the voltage is 9 to 24V but I have several 12V transformers that outputs all different mA & A.

Thank You in advance for your reply.


When you power our receiver using 12v, the current is ~150mA when both relays are activated, and is ~(7-12mA) during standby, depending on different hardware versions.

Usually, 12v power supply in market can supply at least 500mA, so it should be more than enough to use.

  • There is no maximum amperage, the maximum amperage just shows the max capability, anything less than that should work good.

Thank you.