Linking 202 and 402 kits to one remote

I have a kit 1 202 v6 and a kit 2 402

I have the 202 set to timer mode and I have the 402 in latching mode but I can’t get both kits to work on one remote. I have to use the remotes that came with kit 1 on kit 1 and kit 2 remote with kit 2

I have tried holding down the C button when I put the battery in the remote but after the remote will not work with either unit.

The remote all have the same number on the back but the box says that they are TX-134 and TX -124

Thanks Dylan.

Due to technical restrictions, the remote can only be set to either 202u mode or 402u mode.
I’m afraid it can’t control 202u & 402u simultaneously.

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