Limited transmitted distance

My Solidremote wireless receiver Model 202U V4 only has limited transmitter range.
You have to be within 3ft.of receiver for it to work. Both relays work at this distance.
Have powered unit off for 10 minutes and tried moving antenna to different positions with no
help. Has been working just fine with great distance until today both relays.

My order number.
Order Placed: September 8, 2017
order number: 114-7071047-8656230

AL Froehlich

Hello Al,

I see you reported a relay 2 stopped working problem before in September…

Would you please let me know how you powered our 202U receiver? is it using power adapter? if so, what is the voltage?

Also could you please try change the transmitter batteries (just in case) ?

Thanks and look forward to your reply.

I’m very interested in this case.

I’M powering it with my security alarm system. It measures 14v DC at the receiver.
Alarm documentation states “12 volt nominal 12-14 volt hour 600ma continuous 3 amp max power
to auxiliary equipment”.
I’m using 1 relay to arm my alarm system the other relay to open/close garage door (pulse mode).

I have 3 transmitters that I’ve tried with same results. Have not replaced batteries.


Late this afternoon I took a new transmitter I had never used and programed the A button to program 1
and B button to program 2. That’s how my other 3 transmitters are programed.
Now all 4 work perfect with good distance. The unit has had power to it since yesterday when I was
testing everything. As of now I can’t explain it. I’m going to put the cover back on and see what happens.
Will keep you posted if it happens again.

Thanks AL

I think I might have an answer to my problem. I have a atomic clock in my kitchen
with a outdoor 433mhz temperature transmitter. The clock is located on a opposite wall in kitchen from the laundry room where my receiver is.
I noticed the outdoor temperature wasn’t being displayed. So I replaced the batteries this morning and installed it back outside.
I suspect it was causing interference with low voltage batteries. That’s my theory for now.
All 4 transmitters are working OK.


Oh, yes that should be the problem…

I was just thinking, you can place the old receiver (the one that 2nd relay doesn’t work) at the same place, and see if two receivers all get the same distance.

If both are same, then it maybe there is other problem, such as the interference you suspected.

Anyway, let me know if you have other questions in future, thanks.