LED Bracelet code learning and transmitting?

I’m wondering if you think it’s possible for any of your remotes to learn and control these LED bracelets that operate on 433.92mhz

Hello Daniel,

I just checked the webpage, it has little info on how the bracelets can be remote controlled, I guess the ‘remote controller’ is the white box with many buttons?

I think it may have its own communication protocol between (controller) and (bracelets), I think they maybe using fixed code (because it is cheaper), while ours is rolling code.

Also if they’re using 433.92mhz too, it is highly likely their kit will interfere with ours (if operated at the same time).

I think it is possible but will need time and maybe (a lot of) work, because you will need to hijack into their control circuit, and figure out what control method they’re using, then do the modification.

If you would like a handheld type remote, maybe you can check with the LED bracelets manufacturer?

Thank you so much for getting back to me William.
I’ve been reaching out to the company, trying to get more information, but there is a communication barrier. I asked the frequency and found out it’s 433.92mhz, but I couldn’t get any more info. I figured it was ASK or OOK or some type of binary code because that’s mostly what I see being discussed when it comes to 433mhz communication, but it sounds like there’s more to it. I’d really love to understand all of these things more but it’s really hard to find any information unless it’s based in Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Adafruit. If you can point me in any direction to educate myself I’d really appreciate it!

Hi Daniel,

The most widely used encoders are fixed code (PT2262 encoder, PT2272 decoder), learning code (ev1527 or PT2240), and rolling code (HCS301 etc).

I think you can open their transmitter, check the chip model, then start from the chip’s datasheet, it should be easily found on internet.

For cheap RF kits, they highly likely using OOK (on-off keying, a special form of ASK).

Wikipedia has a lot of info too.

Thanks a ton for all the info. I’m gonna dive into all of it and figure out how to do all the things I want to do!