L-visor-2 will not program with Craftsman Door Opener

Craftsman Model No. 139.53971SRT s/n 10306C00258
Green Learn (or ‘SRT’ button.
Set up mode 2 on main button. When pressed, the led flashes. (I also went through all of the above in mode 1 just to check)
Cleared memory. Validated clearing by attempting to use the one original remote that I have.
Used your method where learn button is pressed and released first. Opener led lights. large button is now pressed and held. The opener led never blinks and I get no clicks. The opener led stays on for the full 30 seconds. The opener does not operate when the large button is pressed.
I also used the method outlined in the user manual. I pressed and held the large remote button and then pressed and released the learn button. If the code is accepted, the led should flash once. It stays on for the full 30 sec and goes out. The remote button does not work.
The original remote programs with no difficulty using the Craftsman procedure.

I cannot get either of the two remotes that I received to work.

I see you have already tried clear memory and change working modes,
If still doesn’t work, please return for refund.

I will forward the feedback to engineer for further product improvement,
Thanks for your feedback!

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