L-Visor-2 not recognizing Learn button

I have a Craftsman garage door with one working remote. The L-Visor-2 looks identical to the working one. The learn button on the unit is green; the date says 1998 (see pic). This is the right remote, yes?

I did end up erasing all codes and successfully programmed my existing remote by following instructions. The two new ones don’t work though, do not respond to my attempts to program them. The light does not blink and there are no clicks or any other kind of response. Do I have incompatible remotes?

For green learn button openers, you will need to change working mode on our remote, then try to program.
The how to change working mode video can be found below.

Please let me know if you still have questions.

Oh, so that’s what the Mode thing was all about!

I did that and it worked. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

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