L-VISOR-1 won't pair with Sears Craftsman

I bought this L-VISOR-1 remote and I can’t get it to pair.

Things I have tried

  1. Mode 1 and 2 (mine should be mode 1 since it is Red)
  2. I have cleared the memory and tried again.
  3. Unplugged the garage door opener from the power
  4. Paper instructions step #2 says to press and hold the remote control button.
  5. Video instructions say to only press the remote control button.

4 and 5 above give contradictory instructions. I have tried both.

Garage door opener:
Sears Craftsman 1/2 HP
Model # 139.53674SRT2
MFG Date: 6/98

please advise. Thank you

Yes, your model 139.53674SRT2 is Security+ 390mhz type, red learn button.
And our remote should be Mode 1 (solid led).

What about other buttons on remote? (for example, the smaller buttons).

If it still doesn’t work, It seems you have tried everything I can think of,
In that case, please return for refund, thanks.

Hey William,

The small buttons on the remote don’t work either :frowning: I am past 30 days on the purchase from amazon. Can I still return it? I would prefer to just get this to work. Is there anything else I haven’t tried?

The wired button on the wall does open the garage door fine. Just the wireless remotes don’t work. Maybe the wireless receiver on the garage door opener is faulty? Can that be replaced?

If not do you sell a wired button on the wall that also has a wireless receiver that could pair with these remotes? Not sure if this type of product even exists.

Thank you

Can you please try use oem craftsman remotes, and see if that works? this is to check whether the receiver is faulty.

Liftmaster makes standalone receivers for the remotes, such as the one below.

For Amazon purchases, the return window is usually 30 days, sorry about that.

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