L-Visir-2 remotes

I can’t get the remotes to work. One will open close the garage door when right next to the opener but not from over 3 feet away. It won’t re-open the door inside or outside

What about the other one? does it work from normal distance?
If the other one work fine, then it means one in 2-pack is defective.
If both shows similar short range, and other remotes (if any) also shows near range, then it might be the motor unit is defective.

Neither will open and close. I never see a change to the red led light on handheld device. On another post I saw something about the light turning green but not sure if this is the actual gd opener or the handheld device

Our remote’s led is always red, there is no green light.
Maybe you’re referring to the light on motor unit?

If both units have short range, maybe you can try using other remote to check if the motor itself is defective, or just our remotes.

Anyway, you can return for refund, thanks.

Ohr old remote would open and close but it got to where you would have to move it around to various positions and keep clicking the button to get it to work that’s why this is so frustrating. Are there more detailed instructions bc the ones that came with the new ones are very brief and sketchy

You didn’t answer the question about better more detailed setup instructions. The ones in the box with the remotes are not very detailed

Sure, can you take a photo of your

  1. motor unit, showing the learn button and surrounding areas.
  2. the old remote, showing the model number
    So I can check the detailed instructions, thanks.

Uploading: 81A03347-D4AD-4A9C-99E1-8A9F6B298ABA.jpeg…

Did you get the pictures

I looked up your model number 41A4315-7D online, and it seems your opener motor is actually a green learn button one (despite the orange color on your motor unit).
If it is a green learn button, then you should first switch our remote’s model to Mode 2, then try programming.

The how to switch working mode video can be found on Amazon product listing,
Can you try and let me know the results?
Thank you.

Changed to mode 2 and went out to unit and used the programming instructions included w/remotes and one will open/close but only if held right up to the unit and not even 3 feet away. I have to be doing something wrong but have no idea. The unit learner button neither blinks nor clicks twice as instructions say

I see, it seems the problem might be in the motor unit’s receiver.

Anyway, maybe you can try use a different product and see if it works with your door.

You can return our product for refund (before return, would you please kindly change the mode back to Mode 1 )


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