Kit-2 Available?

I’d like to buy one or a few of the Kit-2 units for the extra security. Are these coming back in stock on Amazon or is there someplace else these can be ordered?

Sorry we don’t know if or when we make next batch.
402U is only available for batch order right now (due to slow retail sales), we will make some more when there is big order placed, but we don’t know the exact time.
I would suggest you buy other products from other suppliers if you need them urgently.

Please bring back the Kit-2. Will Amazon offer these again? I would like to purchase some more of these units. I installed the relay in an outdoor enclosure that is located 150ft from my house that operates my backyard lights (I only have power in the back yard that is directly connected to a breaker, I use the Kit-2 as the switch to power the lights on and off that are mounted in different locations). Installed a year ago and use it every day when we let the dog out at night. It has worked flawlessly in temperature ranges of -5F to 90F.