Kit-1 Timer Function

I have programmed channel 1 to use a timer as outline in the instructions. How can I program a button to cancel the timer and turn off channel 1?


When I press button A, channel 1 relay stays on for 31 minutes. How would I program another button to turn off relay 1 BEFORE the 31 minutes elapses?

Any unprogrammed buttons on remote serve as stop function. (the particular button is not programmed to any relay, but at least one other button on same remote needs to be programmed).

How do I program the “stop” button?

Gregg Alper

You don’t.
Any unprogrammed buttons on remote serve as stop function.

I’ve only programmed button A to relay 1. When I press any of the Unprogrammed buttons it is not stopping the timer on relay 1 and turning relay 1 off

Gregg Alper

Would you please clear all codes on receiver, and try again?

I just tested one here, and it works just fine.

Just tried that. deleted the transmitter code using the instructions then stored transmitter code so button A activates relay 1. programmed no other buttons and none of the other buttons shut off relay 1

Gregg Alper

I think the receiver’s UTM feature is turned on by accident.

Please follow the video below to reset all settings and try again.


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