KIT-1 remote range in area with significant EMI?

I’m looking to replace my current remote/receiver and was wondering how the KIT-1 handles an area that has pretty significant EMI. Right now, I have a different receiver/remote combo that’s connected to a door maglock and the room in which the receiver is located has recessed LED lighting. Unfortunately, the LED units put out a significant amount of EMI since the manufacturer did not shield them properly.

The problem I’m having is that with my current setup, the receiver has a very hard time picking up the signal from the remote. When the lights are turned on, I’m lucky if I can activate the receiver from 10 feet away (yes, just 10 feet). I don’t know if I just have a really cheap remote/receiver setup or if the EMI is just that bad that nothing will work.

So I wanted to know, if I replace my current setup with the KIT-1, will I have the same issues? Has anyone tested this in an environment that has a lot of EMI? I’d hate to go through the hassle of removing the existing receiver, install the KIT-1 just to find out that nothing has changed. Any info is appreciated.


If your installation environment has interference (especially narrow frequency interference), then our KIT-2 might work.

See here

KIT-2 is designed to overcome some interference problem.

If you decided to try, just order one to try first, thanks.

A follow up to your response:
On my current receiver, I’m using the +, -, NO, COM, and NC terminals to control the lock. KIT-1 appears to have everything I need, but KIT-2 just shows relay terminals. Would I be able to utilize the same functionality with the KIT-2?

Unfortunately KIT-2 doesn’t have NC terminals, it only have NO & COM.

You might need to check products from other suppliers, thanks.