Kit 1 manual

I cannot find the kit 1 manual on the site. Where is it? I’m trying to use it for operating a commercial garage door opener. Thank you

It is available at
There is only basic wiring on the manual.

My garage door opener only has a three button (open, close & stop) on the wall now. Any recommended timer setting for this? I’m only interested in open and close. thanks,

Usually customer wire our relay output to your opener (or wall switch that eventually goes to opener unit).

The relay on our unit only pulses, it is up to your main controller to handle the up/down logic.

The wall unit is just a signal input terminal.

Your wall switch, however, seems to be a mechanical switch that connect & disconnect circuit directly?

If that is the case, please make sure the motor rating is less than 6A @14Vdc or our relay will damage quickly.

And for this type, use a DC motor forward & reverse configuration, timer setting is not available.