KIT-1 interlock system and timed output

Is there a way to program the KIT-1 device to allow a timed output as well as having the relays interlocked. I need to have two circuits that do not get powered at the same time, but also have a timed shut off.
Thank you for any help.

Sorry it is not possible, because interlock use both relays, and there is no spare relay for timed output.

In our next version, it is possible to have one relay in timed mode, the other in latching mode (or momentary).

But still, interlock is not possible with timed.


I bought the kit-1 on Amazon and have been trying to get it working. The problem is there seems to be no power output (to close the relay) ? The power light is on, connecting to a 12V battery. And the output is to a power inverter with 0.5amp load. The inverter works when directly powered from the battery, but when I connect the inverter to the Relay COM and NO and hit the remote button, nothing happens ? I used a voltmeter to test if there
is any power across the COM and NO terminals and it reads 0 ? Very frustrated, I hope I dont have to return this and you can help me get this working. Thanks !

As stated, our receiver are voltage free dry contacts, they don’t output power.
For a simple led application, see below.
You will need to jump wires.

Thank you for clarification, it worked !