Keychain programming for 2 different garage door systems

I purchased the 2 keychain remotes with sliding cover. I was able to program A to one garage door but the other garage door I cannot figure out how to program. They A I successfully programmed with with a purple Liftmaster learn key. The other garage door is a yellow Liftmaster key. I press the yellow learn key and then hold B and nothing happens. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong OR if it is possible to program 2 different models to the keychains.

Hi Kelley,
Yes, it is possible to program 2 different modes to the keychains.

Since our remote’s button have 2 modes to choose from, to work with either (Purple/red/orange) or (Yellow/green).
So the remote button needs to be set to correct mode, before programming.

In this case, you will need to set button B to Mode 2 (to work with yellow), please refer to video below for how to set working modes.

After that, would you please try program button B to motor unit again? and see if it works.

Please let me know, thanks!