Information on limit switch operations

Hi! I recently purchased 2x 202U kits and have them hooked up to 2x garage doors (I know I could use a single unit but this way I get 2x extra RF channels to turn lights on etc).

  1. The garage door openers are too old to support beam sensors so I’m wondering if I can connect beam sensors to the limit switch inputs on the 202Us?

  2. When a connection is made on the limit switch input can it send a pulse to the relay to stop the garage door or will it just turn the relay off?


  1. Sorry but I don’t think so, because limit switch on our 202U only stops our onboard relay (it doesn’t stop your garage door motor).

    So unless you hook motor directly to 202U, limit switch won’t work as you anticipated.

    But again, you can’t hook motor directly to 202U, because 1) our relay can’t handle the motor power 2) there are lots of complex logic on garage door opener, which our 202U don’t have…

  2. It just simply turn relay off, so garage door still moves I’m afraid.


Thanks for the info! Does the limit switch input behaviour change depending on the relay logic selected (pulse, latch etc) or do they always just “turn off” the relays?

They just simply turn off relays, regardless of working modes.

Because they’re implemented outside of main chip, without complex logic.


Thanks again for the info! Great product and keep up the good work :slight_smile: