How to wire Solidremote 202u to FRM01 relay

I have the FRM01 timer working as it should with a Manual start button, However remote operation would be preferred, I had it operating with a single channel remote but it was very cheap and I am trying to do an upgrade better range and more options. but for the life of me I cannot get the Solidremote 202u to wire to the FRM01. I just need it to start it. FRM01 (program 13) simple timer… relay starts countdown timer at designated time it blows horn then resets.
Pleas Help with maybe a diagram. P.S. I did set the fobs and they work perfect.

Usually these kind of time needs a momentary input to start, so you can just connect (timer manual switch)'s one end to NO, the other to COM.

When relay click, NO connects to COM, then timer should start.

Would you please send me the link to your FRM01 timer, if you still have questions? thank you.

Thank you for responding I got it figured out and it works exactly as I had hoped. I will do some field testing today. Very nice product so far. Thanks again.

It’s my pleasure, and let me know if you have other questions in future.