How to wire 202U to work with a led strip

can you show an example of how to wire a led strip to the 202u receiver? Not able figure out

Sure, please see this topic for details Need simple instuctions to use 202U to turn light on/off

And let me know in this thread (your own one) if you still have questions.


Wanted to thank you for the great help with the picture. I have my led working but have another issue that I need assistance.
I have a SPST 4-Pole relay that I want to control led strip and my robot drive system. So when I press A on your remote it can power on and off the lights but not the drive system. When I press the B button I want to turn the drive off and on but not power the leds connected to A. Currently I can wire the led and drive to the relay but not able to determine the correct wiring to control each independently. So currently i’m using 2 separate SPST relays, one to control the lights and the other to control the drive. I would like some help with a diagram to just only use one SPST relay if possible.
Thanks !!!


It seems one SPST relay can only control one target independently? so you may have to use two SPST relays.

If the led current rating is not high (<10amps @12vdc), then you can use our onboard relay to control led strip?

Thanks and let me know.