How to wire 202u to leedan 3 wires intercome

How to wire this 202u to the leedan 3 wire intercom , so I can open the door with the remote.intercoms has 3 wires and tone in. Can anybody help me out please . Thanks

Can you send me link to your intercom’s manual?
So I can check, thanks.
The intercom had 4 wires 3 push bottoms

I have found (on page 2 of the manual), there is a push button connection called “Door Release” ?

Is it the manual door release connection? if so, just wire one our relay’s output (NO,COM) in parallel to that.

So when relay clicks, it looks as if the manual button is pressed, door will open.

The key to this kind of application (garage doors etc), is to use our relay to input signal to your main controller, not directly interface with motors, door locks etc.