How to use both remotes in KIT-1

Frist: my compliments on the outstanding quality of the hardware and flexible functionality at a very reasonable price.

KIT-1 (from Amazon) comes with two remotes (TX-134). Can both remotes be programmed to identically control 202U v5? For example, can both A-buttons control Relay #1 and both B-buttons control Relay #2? (We have two cars and two garage doors. We want both remotes to be able to open both doors.) If yes, please provide the programming procedure.


Thanks Roger for your kind feedback!

Sure, both remotes can be programmed to same receiver (actually our receiver accepts up to 510 different remotes, as you may already know through our description).

For programming one remote, see the video instructions here VIDEO - 202U V5 video tutorials.

  • In above link, There is one video (The second one) for programming details (please turn subtitles on for explanations).

First program the 1st remote, A->relay1 & B->relay2.

The program the 2nd remote, same step as first one, then it should work as you anticipated.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Thank you William. That worked perfectly!

Again, my compliments on your outstanding hardware!!


Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear it works.

Just let me know if you have other questions in future, thanks.