How To Program Letter Buttons on TX134

I am installing two storage lockers in two different vehicles and received two 202U V5e receivers with the dipswitches set at 1&2 off, 3 on; and two TX134 transmitters with letters A, B, C, and D on the keypad. My question is, how can I set each transmitter to activate the receiver (and thus unlock the storage locker it’s wired to) with a unique combination of key presses on each? i.e.; how can I set Receiver No. 1 to operate with key combination A-C-C-D, and Receiver No. 2 to operate with key combination A-B-D-C?

I’m afraid you can’t do it that way.
Our remote control just supports single button or button combination (e.g. A+B etc).
It does not support button sequence (like keypad).