How to program a universal remote control SM24

I had to get the solid remote receiver adapter because our Liftmaster garage opener is not working or receiving a signal. I bought the universal remote control SM24 to program for the garage door and outside gate. The outside gate works, but the garage door was working and suddenly stopped. Therefore, I got the solid remote receiver model: 202U v6

but I was only able to program the keychains to work, but unable to program the universal remote control SM24 (2 button garage opener).
Can someone help me program that or show me how? I have looked at several videos but none have done that. This is not a keychain. I have a red learn button to which this universal remote is not recognizing even though it did before. Am I able to program an outside universal remote other than the ones provided? I hope to get some help, because that is the reason I got this adapter to get the garage door to work again, and add it back on the universal remote. I would rather have the outside gate and garage opener on one unit than having them on separate. Thank you!

I’m afraid this universal remote only works with select door models, and is not compatible with 202u.

Hello William,
Is there another adapter that does work with my universal remote by solid remote instead of the 202u?
Also, can the key remote that came with the solid remote be programed to an outside entry gate that uses dip switches? Thanks

I’m afraid we don’t have such adapter.
And the key remote only works with our 202u receiver.

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