How to connect Door Strike 12V wiring setup?!

Hi there, I just manually checked all the 9 pages of Forum, but I am surely the first asking this as on Amazon before.

I am very happy about this low cost multi function solution of solidremote. Now I am overwhelmed by the minimalist manual and at the same time happy about this great support option.

Door Strike: Basically opens the door with a tiny electromagnet when power is ON. In fear of overwhelming the wiring, I’d like it to be limited to 3 seconds or ON during switch is pressed. Whichever is possible with this device.

Now I could either try to analyze all the variables until I get my result, or ask here nicely for the solution.

Main Question:
Which terminals I put my 2 wires for the 12V transformer on? Which ones for the electromagnet of the door strike that shares the same power source and have the above function?

If necessary, how do I set the timing to 3 seconds, when timer solution is used?

I thank you a lot for this support and great product.

Best regards, Marcus


So you just need to use our receiver to control the power to door strike.

If your door strike is using 12vdc, 24vdc etc (I mean, the voltage range is within our 202u’s power input range), then you can use shared power configuration.

We have a post before about powering a led strip, see post here Need simple instuctions to use 202U to turn light on/off

More specifically the wiring here

Just connect your door strike the same way as led strip, then it should work.

About the timed output, we have a video here VIDEO - 202U V5 video tutorials.

The video is for 35 seconds output, but it is possible to set to 3 seconds, just follow the video & check lookup table on manual.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.