How much current does 202U use?

If both of the relays are in the normally open position, and not energized, how much current does the receiver use when it is just standing by?
The power light is on, and I realize that it uses only a tiny amount of current.
But, I want to leave the receiver permanently connected to a 12 V battery so it is ready to use at any time.
Do I run the risk of running the battery down over time?
Also, how much current to the relays use when they are energized? Does leaving them energized for a long period of time also risk running down my 12 volt battery?
Thank you very much.

Hello Bill,

Very sorry for the late reply, your topic is wrongly flagged as spam by system, and I just saw it…

Our receiver’s standby current is ~12mA @12Vdc

And one relay energized will add ~40mA to above number.

So leaving receiver on, or relays energized will risk running down batteries, you can check the actual time by using a battery calculator.