How can I pair my Homelink Systems to my neighborhoods gate

Hi, we use a 202U receiver at the gate of the neighborhood and TX134 remotes. I am not sure what the version of the receiver is. We are trying to provide residents with homelink systems in their car the ability to open the gate with their homelink.

Can you please provide clear instructions how to pair? Questions:

  1. How do I know what the version of my receiver is?
  2. What are the versions that support Homelink?
  3. If I have a non-supporter version, can I upgrade the receiver or do I need to buy new?
  4. There are two programming buttons to program the homelink system. Which one do I need to usre. prg1 or prg2 or both? We only use the remotes to open the gate.

Thanks you very much

The version of receiver can be found on both the sticker on receiver plastic box, and the inner circuit board, bottom right corner. For example, V6c means version 6.
But as far as I know, the car models supported are very limited, so currently I would suggest you find other receivers, if you need homelink capability.
PRG1 & PRG2 means which relay to program remotes to, so using which button depends on which relay you use to output signal.

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