Help with 202u v6 and Tesla


I bought a 202u v6 rx with two tx134 to use with my tesla model 3 with homelink to open the garage door. I can get the tesla to learn a button press from the tx134 but I can’t get the 202u to learn the stored code transmitted from the car.

The 202u can learn buttons from the tx134 so it appears to be working correctly.

What is the trick to getting the 202u to learn a non-rolling code?


When Telsa learned tx134 codes, does it show any details about the code it learned?

no, it just says it learned the code. is there a way to see any more info?

This is what I’d like to do.

Tesla’s have an automatic Homelink function. The idea is you pull into your driveway and the car sends a open door command. When you back out of the garage, it sends a close door command. The problem is garage doors are dumb. The open/close command is the same and if the door is open when you pull into the driveway, it will close the door. I’d like to build a smarter system with limit switches to prevent this from occuring.

If thought the 202u was more of a generic learning rx but after reading different things, I guess it isn’t. It is pretty much exactly what I need though because of the limit switch inputs.

Do you have a better receiver for this than the 202u?

Hi- A Tx134 has a rolling code transmitter. If a “learn” procedure involves only one button actuation, then the “learn” doesn’t know about rolling codes. The “learn” procedure needs to see a series of button actuations, in order to “learn” how to provide the (completely different - sort of) next / subsequent codes… Most modern systems can do rolling-code learning - surprising to hear that Tesla doesn’t do that, but then I don’t have one.

Regarding “garage doors are dumb” - no, not really - a simple range check on the collision sensing by the tesla would tell it whether the door was up - and it could then be “smart” and avoid sending the “toggle” command for the door - garage doors assume man-in-the-loop, not tesla-in-the-loop, perhaps? Calling them dumb because Tesla failed to even consider this fairly obvious use case is pretty brassy…

From the description, it sounds like the learn process was “fixed code” - not sure who in the world would consider 1) owning a tesla and 2) using a fixed code - but in any case - the gentleman asks “what is the trick to getting the 202u to learn a non-rolling code” - and that seems to indicate a lack of consciousness about the security impact of using fixed code devices…

So is there any support for these products or should I just return them?

For our engineer to further identify the problem, we may need more information from your car display (for example, some models will show homelink details on screen).
Since your car doesn’t have more information, maybe you can just return for refund, thanks.

This is all the screen shows.

You never answered my question if the 202u can learn no rolling codes. can it?

202U receiver is a rolling code receiver, which works only with our TX134 rolling code remote (that shipped with the kit).

It works only with select car models homelink, we’re working to improve the compatibility.
In case you need the homelink function, but our receiver doesn’t work on your car, you can see if you’re eligible to return the item via Amazon.


Ok. thanks for clarifying that.

Do you make a receiver that will learn fixed codes?

I’m afraid not, you might need to check products from other suppliers.

Ok. Thanks for the response!

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