Having trouble pairing a 202U receiver with Tesla Model 3

I just bought a house that has a solidremote system installed (I think 202U) in the garage door opener and have been trying to program my homelink system in a 2018 Tesla Model 3 to work with it, but it’s not working.

I start the pairing process from the car (New Homelink → Standard Mode → Start) and it tells me to stand in front of the car and hold down the button on the remote. I do that, and it says the code is received.

Then it says to press the learn button on the receiver and press continue (I press PRG1 on the solidremote receiver, and the amber SIG light comes on) then go back to the car and press continue, as instructed.

The car then puts on a wait icon for a moment and says the device is programmed, but the SIG light is still on and never did the 3 blinks on the solidremote receiver. And, at this point, the car thinks it has a working homelink configuration, but it doesn’t- pressing the button on the touchscreen does nothing.

I guess I have two questions:
1: Is there a way to solve this? From other threads I see on the topic, the messaging seems mixed- some use the Tesla Model 3 as an example of a car that’s known to work, others say that it’s known not to work.
2: If there isn’t a way to resolve it, is there a way to use the builtin receiver on my garage door directly? I got a universal remote from the store (the house only came with the solidremote remotes) just to try it, and I wasn’t able to get it to respond- it’s possible the remote isn’t as universal as it claims, but I also wonder- is disconnecting the builtin receiver or anything that would stop it from working part of the installation process?

  1. Your programming step is correct, so if it doesn’t recognize the signal, it won’t work.
  2. Maybe first you can try if there is remote works with your current door motor. (but not sure if your door builtin receiver circuit is still working).
    Or you can try using Liftmaster 850lm receiver or something like that to control your door instead, it works with homelink for sure.

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