Have 2 kits but cannot get remotes to work between them

I bought a 202U kit in May of 2019. It is working GREAT in my application. I am just using the two relays and programmed the A and B keys on the transmitters and the relays are setup in standard mode.

I bought another 202U kit today and got it working on a different application, BUT, I wanted to used the unassigned C and D buttons on my existing (and new) transmitters to run the two relays in the new unit.

When I tried to program the C and D buttons on my existing transmitters, I could not get them to be recognized by the new receiver. The only thing the new received will recognize are the transmitters that came with the new kit.

  1. CAN I use the old transmitters with the new receiver I just got or will that not work?

  2. I would like all my transmitters to work the same way - A and B operates the 202U receiver I installed last year in Application 1, and the C and D buttons to run the new 202U I just got today in Application 2.

Appreciate any help you can offer.


  1. I’m afraid not, the old remotes came with V5 receiver does NOT work on new V6 receivers.
    The new remotes came with V6 receiver, however, works on all receivers, V4,V5,V6.
  2. See above, only new remotes work with all receivers.
    Sorry about the change, we don’t want to make them incompatible, we just had to.

OK thanks - so all my remotes are useless for the new one I installed today? But I can program the remotes that came with the system today to run both units if I understand what you are saying? Correct?

Yes, you’re correct.

Is it possible to purchase additional transmitters that work with V6 units and are backward compatible? I cannot seem to find them anywhere on Amazon. I have a bunch of the older transmitters I was hoping to use but they are somewhat useless to me now.

Yes, just currently out of stock.

It should be available next week.

Ok thanks - will look for them once they are available.

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