Hardwire buttons to reciever

I have my receiver mounted in a waterproof enclosure on a trailer- If I walk up to the enclosure and want to trigger the relay but I DONT have my wireless remote I can’t do it. Is there any way to hard wire a button into the receiver chip to trick the receiver into thinking the remote sent a transmission? This way I can have two momentary buttons on my enclosure so I can flip the relays with out the remote.


I’m afraid our receiver works only with wireless remote, there is no manual hard wire override feature.

One work around is to hard wire your button to our remote’s button pad (soldering will be required).

So push your button -> remote button pressed -> transmitted signal -> receiver got it.


Is there no way to put a button in parallel with the RF receiver in order to bypass the RF module? I’m looking at the reciever pins and am thinking I could solder in a button in parallel. I’ve added a diagram and a photo. Let me know what you think.

Thank you.

I’m afraid not, since our receiver daughter board only outputs plain RF signal to main controller for processing, you can’t just modify one pin to override the control.

Okay, I understand. I appreciate the insight. For now I think I can just run a basic limit switch controller in parallel with your remote. But I don’t love this option as much, because it requires two parallel circuits.

Any chance this could be an option in a future remote module?

Sorry no plans for now.

In our V6 version, we do have a external port for communication (output remote control serial number for now), and might expand the port to support incoming control too.

But at first we only provide the customization to factories who need the receiver in bulk, there is no plan to implement the feature on retail product yet.

There might be other products on market, that supports both wireless & wired control, maybe you can check them out.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

William, Since I do not meet the requirements for a “bulk” order yet, I don’t qualify for the ability for a 2 button remote, correct?
If not, is there any chance you have a 3d model of the 4 button remote? I could use my 3d printer to create a new shroud for the buttons. It does not need to have any detail other than the top face where the buttons are.
If this is an option, please let me know. Thank you

We may be getting to a position soon where we will be buying the receiver in 30 to 50pc quantities… What is the minimum order qty to buy the relay with the two button remote (shown below)?


3d printing seems like a great idea, but I’m afraid we don’t have the 3d model of remote or receiver ( I will send to you if I had it).

As for the 2 button remote, the minimum order depends on stock availability, it’s because we will make spare remotes when customer ordered 2-button in bulk (> 500pcs).

For example, when we make 2-button remotes bulk order 500pcs, we will make some more (like 100pcs more), and the minimum order qty can be low.

But for most of time, we don’t have them in stock, so minimum order qty would be 500pcs.

I think maybe you can have the button 3d scanned, and print it yourself, it will be better option for small orders. ( for example, make button B&C flat, so you get a 2 button remote A&D).


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