Generator remote start for solar back up generator

The solidremote module is great. have successfully wired my version 6 to start my generator no problem if you are the one controlling the key fob it works perfectly. The starter must have a solenoid to take the load off of the relay in the solidremote module, the other electronics are well within range of the relays capabilities. I went a step further and wired I a 10mm push pull micro solenoid to my inverter so my inverter will depress the button on the key fob when the inverter wants to start the generator. The problem I’m having is I need one button operation (A button) for off and on activation of the generator without the starter relay activating the starter solenoid momentarily when (A button) is pressed a second time to take the other relay off of hold in order to shut the generator down.
It does what I need it to do it starts and stops the generator with the same button but it momentarily activates the starter while it shuts down. I have a solution, I will have to wire in another micro solenoid to depress the other button on the fob, but I think I’m going to try switching to timed and see if the second time it depresses the same button it just turns both relays of just like it does with other button that’s not programmed to either relay.
I live off grid and this was much easier and cheaper than running wires under ground through conduit from my solar system to my back up generator. Do you have any suggestions?

Sorry I don’t quite understand your question,
is it that you need to know, if press keyfob button again in timed mode, the relay turns off?

The timed mode behaviour has changed in later V6 revisions (V6c or V6d),

In earlier versions, press the same programmed keyfob button again doesn’t have any effect, timer will keep counting, while press any other unprogrammed button will turn off both relays,

In later versions, press the same programmed keyfob button again will turn off corresponding relay, while press other unprogrammed button doesn’t have any effect.

Yes that what I need to know, thank you. I went on about my project instead of getting to the point.

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