Garage door opner

Do you make a remote that clips on to a visit like a garage door opener, or do you have a list f garage door openers that I could pick one to buy and program to operate the door. I have installed 2 of these on a gate operator. They work great, just that the people using them they get lost from time to time and if it was clipped on like a normal garage door opener then it would be perfect.

Hello John,

Sorry right now we only have one model (that you bought) without clips.

Maybe you can check others, I think there might be some on market.


Can you help me how do you clear a remote and start over having a tough time programing these remotes.

The code clear (erase all codes) steps should be available on your opener’s manual.

Or you can provide with a opener model number, so I can check it for you.

You can’t clear a ‘remote’, the clear is done on ‘opener’