Garage door opener wrong iperation

Hello! I put my solid remote for old garage door motor. It works but, when I push the key button, it’s making full operation, opening and closing. What can be a problem? Thanks!

There are a few things to check.

  1. If the wiring is to the wall switch (our remote controls wall switch, not directly to motor).
  2. Is the control wires connect to NO & COM (sometimes customer connect to NC & COM and cause problems).
  3. Is the relay in momentary mode?
  4. Switch to a dedicated 12vdc power adapter to power our receiver and try again (if not already done so).

If, when you manually press wall switch buttons, the door operate correctly, then it is highly likely the problem can be fixed.
If door operate incorrectly even if you manually press wall switch button, then it could be opener problem.