Failure to program new universal remote

Hello, I hope you can help me to program my new universal remote. I received a two-pack, with two keychain remotes. They have large A and B buttons and small C and D buttons, and a sliding thumb cover. The back of the remote says RF Transmitter, G4, FCC ID: 2AYZ7-G4. When I try to pair it through the learning process with my garage door opener, it fails. My garage door opener is a Chamberlain chain type, 2016, Part ID: 41D7675. My original Chamberlain remote still works fine; I simply need two additional remotes. I am following the instructions on the Chamberlain unit, which is the same as your universal remote’s directions: I press the yellow learn button on the Chamberlain just once and it lights up. Then I press and hold the A button on your remote. Nothing happens, no matter how long I hold it in, even after two minutes, the Chamberlain does not start flashing. I tried other buttons on the remote and I tried both remotes, but nothing works. Can you please help me?

For yellow learn button openers, you will need to switch working mode on our remote first, then program to opener motor.
Please check Amazon listing photos & videos to see “How to switch working mode”.
Thank you.

THANKS SO MUCH!!! I don’t know how I missed this in the instructions!

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