External HCS301 chip?

I’m interested in using a hard-wired (not battery-powered) transmitter with the Remote Control Switch. Is it possible to use an HCS301 chip with a 433 MHz ASK receiver? If so, how would I get the proper EEPROM settings? Or would it be easier to just take apart a battery-powered remote and wire power directly to the terminals? Thanks!

In our current receiver version (V5), we have this hidden feature to work with any HCS301 chip with 433mhz ask transmitter. ( 400us pulse width, any code is ok)

To enable this option, connect the two solder points (in red circles, as shown in image below).


* Enable this option will reduce system security, also This option might change or deprecate in future versions without further notice.

Or you can just take apart our TX134 transmitter, it should be easier.